The Feast Lands

The Adventure Begins!

On this glorious day, our adventurers find themselves in new lands and new places to explore. With the dawn of a new campaign, our story begins.

I. A Fiery Mayhem on the Sea

A. Stuck in a wooden box
The party violently awakens, not to the warm sheets of a cozy bed, but to the murky cold waters of the ocean violently thrashing about. They hear canon fire, screams of death and mayhem, and see fiery explosions, parts of wooden ships floating about, and fire as far as the eye can see – then blackness…

Our first adventurer to awake is Weaselsnout – the jawless Tiefling wizard. As the groggy wizard awakens, he finds himself in tattered rags, confused, and located in a very small room with wooden walls, a thick wooden door with a lock on it, and a metal grate floor. The room is rocking back and fourth and gives Weaselsnout the idea that he is probably riding in a ship on the mighty ocean. For some reason Weaselsnout thought that it would be a good idea to try to burn through the metal grate below him. That being said, he casted a fireball at the grate in hopes to possibly melt it as a means of escape. This caused the grate to heat up and caused his clothes to burn up and also caused his skin to receive light burns since he was still sitting on this metal grate.

As Weaselsnout tried to wake up and make sense of the situation, an ally of his finally was able to regain consciousness. However, this ally found herself in a separate, yet equally as small room, aboard this great vessel of the sea. Chelsea – the beautiful Half-Orc fighter awakens and also finds herself in tattered rags, yet her beauty is not hindered. The room she is in is just like the room that her companion (Weaselsnout) awoke in. However, the one difference is that Chelsea notices another person in her room. Thankfully she quickly realizes that it is an ally of hers, and the last member of the adventuring party, Dungeonpool – the Tiefling rogue. Chelsea gets off the cold metal grate, walks over to Dungeonpool, and tries to wake up him by shaking him and saying his name. Dungeonpool wakes up and is very startled by the violent shaking that is happening, however he quickly realizes that it is one of his adventuring partners who is doing the shaking.

Dungeonpool examines his surroundings on this moving vessel and decides the best course of action would be to get out of the cramped space that him and Chelsea are currently in. He quickly and quietly arises to his feet and takes a look at the thick wooden door before him. After a moment of examination of the door, he takes a few steps back, charges at the door and gives it a swift kick. Unfortunately for Dungeonpool, his strength is not enough to pummel through the thick wooden door of his prison. He falls on his back clanging on the metal grate below and just lets out a sigh of disappointment.

After seeing Dungeonpools attempt to escape this wooden box, Chelsea takes the matter into her own hands but decides to use brain over brawn. She notices that the door has a small peep-hole, so she peeks outward to see if she can notice anything. All she sees before her is a similar looking door that is placed directly in front of her, and to the left there seems to be an opening to a larger room. She does not see any sign of life, so she calls out saying “Is anyone there?!”. As she speaks these words, a small dog aproaches the door and starts barking, followed by a human in a white shirt and dark leather leggings. He has three earrings on his right ear and has a long curved sword on his belt. Chelsea does not seem intimidated by this man, but is more-so curious about who he is and why she is trapped in this small room on a vessel. The man that approaches Chelsea says “Ah, I see you’re awake! We thought you might be dead” as he lets out a light chuckle. He then says “Let me get the captain for you, so you just don’t go anywhere pretty lady”.

B. The Man With the Cannon Arm
After a few moments Chelsea hears a set of heavy footsteps approach and sees a man with a white button-down undershirt and a leather vest of sorts. BLAST.pngHe wears a large brown hat upon his head with a red strip hanging off the back of the hat. He is a scruffy man with a hardened look in his eye, yet that is not the most fierce thing about him. Chelsea quickly notices that the man has what seems to be a cannon attached to his left arm. She is not sure if his hand is inside of this contraption or if that is his actual arm. The canon is red with golden plates on the edges and glows a light blue color on the end.

The man looks at Chelsea, smiles, and says “good to see that you made it, you’ve had a rough day”. Quickly Chelsea asks this man what happened, where she is, and where her gear is located. Chelsea does not like the fact that she does not have any of her armor or weapons and finds the whole situation unsettling. The man notices that Chelsea is a bit worried, quickly unlocks the door and says “please come sit at my table, we have plenty of food and drinks. I will answer anything you wish to ask me about our current situation.” Chelsea notices that the large room beside her has a very long wooden table with food as far as the eye can see, and a large mound of gold at the far end. There are some seats already taken by random individuals that Chelsea does not know, but that does not bother her. The food looks delicious, and since she was invited to sit down she gladly takes the offer and starts eating the food in front of her. Dungeonpool also follows and takes his place at the table, feasting alongside Chelsea.

As the captain walks back to the table he notices a very odd sound from the other room that sounds like “blarble-blarble-blarble” and realizes that he has forgotten to unlock the door where the other man (Weaselsnout) is being held. He walks over and unlocks the door to find the jaw-less man on the ground with what seems to be now burnt rags. The man with the canon arm just laughs and says “you’re also welcome to join us at my table”. The man with the canon arm sits down at the head of this long table and starts drinking from a large flagon. He lets out a breath of quenched thirst and says “My name is Captain Blast, I am in charge of this vessel and all the men who sit next to you at this fine table”. Weaselsnout overhears this and finally decides to come out of his room, only to try to make a mockery of the captain and his fine table by trying to magically shoot grease all over the food. Unfortunately for him, his waterlogged body changes the way that his magic works, and the grease comes dribbling out of his hand in a gooey and sticky state. The gooey grease just drops straight to the floor as Weaselsnout looks in disappointment at his failed spell. Dungeonpool notices this and gives Weaselsnout a look, a look that says Don’t fuck this up, we don’t have our gear and these men could kill us at any time. Weaselsnout catches the look and quietly takes a seat across the table from Chelsea and Dungeonpool and starts to consume some of the presented food.

Captain Blast ignores the foolish magic from Weaselsnout and keeps talking to the gorgeous Half-Orc to stop her from worrying any longer. Captain Blast informs her and her adventuring companions that they were aboard a trading vessel most likely heading for the southern lands. Blast and his men decided to ambush the ship and wanted all the supplies and treasure that they could find on the ship. During the battle, a cannon ball must have knocked several men off of the trading vessel, including Chelsea, Dungeonpool, and Weaselsnout. Blast saw them in the murky water and decided to pick them up from the sea, noticing that they did not wear similar clothes as the other individuals on the trading vessel. He thought they were mercenaries, and of course as a leading pirate captain, mercenaries are always a good asset to have due to their advanced fighting skills. Weaselsnout remembers that short memory of being cold, hearing cannon fire, screams of death, and seeing fire all around him. Due to this, Weaselsnout and the adventuring party thinks that Blast is telling the truth about the situation they are currently in and calms down a bit.

Blast tells them that they owe him for saving him, and he’ll find some way to even out to debt in the near future. In the mean time, he told the adventuring party that they were allowed to sleep in the ship bunks on the deck below. Also that all of their gear was in the bunk room, so they can get their clothes, weapons, and armor back when they head down for bed. Blast informs them that they are headed to his port on the Eastern bay of what is known as The Feast Lands.

Chelsea decides to ask Blast how he became a captain in the first place, and he explains that he (and two other high ranking pirate officers – Porter and Squard) used to work under a man known as Ivan. Ivan was a very powerful individual who had a heart of gold and the brawn of a whale. He was a very respectable man that kept peace over all the southern and western pirate ports in The Feast Lands, however he died of natural causes. After the death of Ivan, the top three officers took over individual ports, however not all of the officers wanted to follow Ivan’s footsteps of peace and unity. Blast and Porter have respect for one another and follow Ivan’s old ways of unity between the pirates, however, Squard wanted power all for himself. Because of his greed, Squard took over not only the southern port in the desert lands, but also the rest of the towns in the Tova desert kingdom, home to the Tovinians. To this day, there remains enslaved individuals in the Tova kingdom, and tension between the pirate captains are still present to this day.

C. A Good Night’s Sleep
After telling the tale of Ivan, Blast states that he has some business to deal with, and he is glad that the adventuring party survived the brutal attack. He lets them know that they will be arriving at port in the morning, so they should get a good nights sleep. Blast gulps down another flagon of ale and proceeds to head to his quarters. The adventuring party decides that they should try to get a good nights sleep and heads downstairs only to find noise and mayhem about the room.

The ship crew was playing the one game that they all loved and bet their money on, checkers! Apparently this was always the game of choice aboard Captain Blasts ship, and the ship mates loved it. Our adventuring group became very intrigued by the game and why the prates loved it so much, and Chelsea thought she might give it a go. She ended up playing a very talented player among the ship’s crew and ended up crushing him, winning 10 gold in the process. After the excitement of checkers, the ship became very quiet and all you could hear was the ocean waves crashing on the boat hull. The adventuring party decided they would call it a night and get a good nights sleep after their long day.

D. Land’Ho!

As light beamed through the hull ports on each side of the mighty sea vessel, the party awoke to the clanging of dishes, the sound of people running about, and the smell of ale and food. It seems that breakfast was a pretty busy time for the ship, and of course the captain was there eating his meal alongside his ship mates. He gestured over to the party as they



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